Package Includes:

2 nights in a cottage by the lake or in an apartment house (capacity 4 to 6 persons)

Discounted green fee
at Legend and/or Heritage course. For availability of Tee Time contact +421 905 475 093

Free access to the training areas

Breakfast at the clubhouse

The final price of the package depends on the choice of villa, term, and number of Green Fee

Optional extras:

  • Golf cart for 24 hours
  • Golf cart only on the playground
  • Trolley (electric or manual)
  • Balls (basket with 32 balls)
  • Dinner at the clubhouse at Al Trivio
  • Transport


choose one of the options (check availability before booking your golf stay)

  1. How to bake a Skalický trdelník – experience the production of this traditional culinary delicacy directly U Havlíkú. This family has been baking trolls for decades, a tradition inherited from father to son, and visiting them is a real experience.
  2. How to make traditional spirits in Záhorie – visit one of the nearby distilleries to find out how delicious “sharp” has always been produced in the region. Associated with tasting and retirement.
  3. How to make a good beer – make sure that great beer is also brewed in Záhorie! The Sandorf Brewery in Prievaly will not only show you, but you can also taste different kinds of beers. The icing on the cake is their first beer spa in Slovakia, where you not only have a beer in the beer… but you also drink it in the bath.