Construction of our world-class resort project comprising two complexes – Golf Residence Senica and Penati Golf Resort – began in 2006. This unique resort composed of recreational cottages and family houses near two top-quality 18-hole golf courses – Legend Course and Heritage Course – is located near the town of Šajdíkove Humence, only a stone’s throw from the district seat, Senica. Our priority was to combine the dimension of top-level golf with a recreational complex in an attractive forest environment with a 24-hectare lake, which is part of the private, guarded complex.

The main focus was to transform the golf resort into a weekend recreation and relaxation centre, a place where clients can actively spend time with their families and which lives up to the slogan Golf Family Together. Investment in the property, whether in an already completed cottage or a lot by the lake or a lot for a family house, gives clients the opportunity to become a lifetime member of the prestigious Penati Golf Club in addition to the possibility of active enjoyment of their free time.

The private, gated recreation zone by the lake, the recreational cottage complex, comprises lots for construction of cottages with uniform architecture and with direct access to the lake. The complex also includes a private beach with a bar and beach volleyball court. Several architecturally harmonious, finished cottages intended for immediate use are available for sale or for rent. Each of these cottages is located on a 300 m2 lot and the client can also get complete property-management services with a cottage. For those who prefer an individual construction style, the offer includes lots for three types of cottages – Birdie, Eagle and Albatross – that differ in the size of useable floor space. The price of a lot includes project documentation for the selected cottage and the possibility of having construction carried out by a building company selected by us through a tender process. At the boundary of each lot there are terminals for standard utilities – water, electricity, sewerage and fibre-optic cable.

Another essential part of the Golf Residence Senica project is the Family House Complex, which is intended for construction of family houses according to the needs and wishes of clients. Lots from 600 m2 are available for construction and include connections to all utility networks (water, electricity, gas, sewerage and fibre-optic cable) and access roads.


The uniqueness of our premises.

  • Gated, guarded private complex
  • Swimming and water sports in a 24-hectare lake with direct access from each cottage
  • Two completely different 18-hole golf courses that rank in the TOP 100 courses in Europe
  • Private beach with beach volleyball court and bar
  • Lifetime membership in the Penati Golf Club
  • Outstanding restaurant
  • Perfect relaxation in the forests of the Záhorie protected landscape area
  • One of the best mushrooming regions in Slovakia
  • Abundance of forest roads suitable for cycling and inline skating


You relax, we care

Golf Residence Senica ensures for its clients property-management services  connected with the use of cottages in the Recreational Cottage Complex, as well as services connected with using family houses in the Family House Complex.

Golf Residence Senica ensures that:

  1. the uniform appearance of the entire complex and lake is maintained,
  2. lots located in the complex are maintained,
  3. the following services are provided jointly for all owners of properties located in the complex:
    1. monitoring of the entrance to the complex,
    2. lighting and maintenance of the access road,
    3. removal and disposal of community waste,
    4. landscaping work,
    5. other above-standard services (for example: cleaning services, intervention to the cottage in the event of a security problem),
    6. assurance of operation of the complex and lake in the sense and scope of the operating statutes.


Penati Golf Resort

Penati Golf Resort is an extraordinary 36-hole project on the map of Europe’s top golf resorts. Two 18-hole courses, each with its own unique character, are located on a breathtaking expanse of Slovakia’s biggest golf resort comprising 217 hectares of beautiful pine forests. The Legend Course was designed by the company Nicklaus Design, which was founded by world golf legend Jack Nicklaus. The course bears the personal stamp of this major figure in golf history. The design of the Heritage Course is based on a return to the roods and traditions of island course design emphasising the natural beauty of this location’s scenery. The course was designed by Englishman Jonathon Davison and shaped by the world-renowned golf-course shaper Mick McShane, who has worked on notable courses such as Kingsbarnes Links and The Castle Course in the cradle of golf, St. Andrew’s in Scotland.

This resort appears in the exclusive selection of the WORLD OF LEADING GOLF top resorts and, thanks to its Nicklaus Design Legend Course, in 2014 it became the first and only resort in Slovakia to be listed in the TOP 100 GOLF COURSES OF CONTINENTAL EUROPEranking compiled by The resort’s Heritage Course has also been listed among the TOP 100 most beautiful European golf courses. Penati Golf Resort is the only representative of Slovakia in this ranking and is also a holder of the ENVIRO OSCAR 2012 award for respecting and protecting the natural beauties of the landscape. The Legend Course is the winner of the Zlatý Albatros 2012 award in the Golf Course of the Year in Slovakia category and the Heritage Course won the Zlatý Albatros Golf Course of the Year award in 2013. The resort itself also won a Zlatý Albatross as the most popular resort in Slovakia in 2014. Penati Golf Resort is the only Slovak resort to appear among the CONTINENTAL EUROPE TOP 100 COURSES 2016 according to GOLF WORLD MAGAZINE and BEST COURSES IN THE COUNTRY 2016 according to GOLF DIGEST while also being awarded the SUPERBRANDS Business SLOVAKIA 2016 title.

The resort is a host of the biggest European amateur and professional golf tournaments – E.G.A. Mid-Amateur Championship, E.G.A. International European Amateur Championship and PGA European Challenge Tour (D+D REAL SLOVAKIA).

The unique sandy subsoil makes it possible to play at Penati Golf Resort from early spring to late autumn. The resort’s modern clubhouse, high-quality Al Trivio on Green restaurant, expansive training areas and professional golf academy give visitors of all ages a complete experience.