Cottages by the lake

Description of cottages

  • Move-in ready cottages, standard equipment
  • Right at the shore of a private lake with terrace and jetty
  • Fully landscaped garden with lawn irrigation and parking place in front of the cottage
  • With a view of the golf course


  • When you buy a finished cottage from us, you will receive a lifetime membership in the Penati Golf Club.

Offer of cottages



  • Cottage lots for sale: FALCON, BIRDIE, BIRDIE+
  • Cottage lots for sale: FALCON, BIRDIE, EAGLE, ALBATROSS
  • Cottage lots for sale: BIRDIE+,EAGLE+,ALBATROSS+
  • Finished cottages for sale and rent
  • Sold lots
  • Reserved lots
  • Standard placement of a recreational cottage on a lot
  • Cottages on sold lots
  1. Lake
  2. Golf course – Heritage
  3. Direction to the gatehouse